hummingbirds collage

Find something new with each experience and get ready to explore the unexpected.

1g Pre-Rolls

Our 1g pre-rolls are ready to help you open up your consciousness and take you on an elevated journey. Our pre-rolls come in a variety of Anthologie strains and can be found in Massachusetts.

5 Pack Pre-Rolls

Unlock your consciousness with our conveniently packaged .5g pre-rolls! Filled with carefully curated Anthologie flower, our pre-rolls are certain to take you on a journey of bliss and relaxation. You can find Anthologie 5-pack pre-rolls in Massachusetts and New Jersey.

Anthologie MPX Diamond Roll

Diamond Rolls

The ultimate collab – Anthologie and MPX! Meticulously grown and cured Anthologie flower paired with MPX naturally formed, highly purified THCa crystals for a high potency 1 gram pre-roll that packs a big punch.

Pre-packed 1/8ths

Anthologie flower that is meticulously grown with attention to the finer details, like gently hand-trimming each flower and an extended cold-cure process, conveniently pre-packaged in glass 1/8th jars that feature a rotating assortment of limited-edition collage designs.

3.5g of Flower

Our 3.5g of flower is your ticket to explore the unexpected! Enjoy carefully curated flower which has been handled with love and care throughout the entire cultivation process. You can find Anthologie 3.5g of flower in Massachusetts and New Jersey.

7g of Flower

Submerse your senses with our 7g of flower. Discover unique strains and enjoy the aromatic and flavorful experience you get when you enjoy Anthologie Littles. You can find 7g of Anthologie Littles Flower in Massachusetts and New Jersey.