hummingbirds collage

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Pre-packed 1/8ths

Anthologie flower that is meticulously grown with attention to the finer details, like gently hand-trimming each flower and an extended cold-cure process, conveniently pre-packaged in glass 1/8th jars that feature a rotating assortment of limited-edition collage designs.

Anthologie MPX Diamond Roll

Diamond Rolls

The ultimate collab – Anthologie and MPX! Meticulously grown and cured Anthologie flower paired with MPX naturally formed, highly purified THCa crystals for a high potency 1 gram pre-roll that packs a big punch.

5 Pack Pre-Rolls

Unlock your consciousness with our conveniently packaged .7g pre-rolls! Filled with carefully curated Anthologie flower, our pre-rolls are certain to take you on a journey of bliss and relaxation. You can find Anthologie 5-pack pre-rolls in New Jersey.