Anthologie Strains

Hang glider collage

Anthologie offers a collection of unique strains for those who seek the freedom they desire to explore new possibilities with a curious and open mind.

Duct Tape Cannabis Strain

Duct Tape

Heavy-hitting, full body strain that’s quick to set in and long to linger.

Dark Knight strain artwork

Dark Knight

A strong body buzz with a happy mood.

Secret triangle strain artwork

Secret Triangle

An uplifting and mood-boosting rush and a relaxing high.

Mochi Marijuana Strain


A creamy flavor with hints of vanilla and sugary dough.

Orange Daiquiri strand artwork

Orange Daiquiri

Popular for its deep body relaxation and sweet, citrusy aroma.

OGKB Strain Cannabis


An indica-dominant hybrid that provides heavy, full-bodied effects.

Triangle Mintz

Dense buds and a unique blend of herbal, spice, and earthy flavors with hints of diesel undertones.

White MAC strain artwork

White Mac

A functional and balanced hybrid strain that can be enjoyed day or night.

Platinum Bubba strain artwork

Platinum Bubba

A hybrid, that is best used for pain and muscle spasms.

Banana breath strain artwork

Banana Breath

A pile of freshly sliced bananas.

Grape pie strain artwork

Grape Pie

A sour and grape-like aroma that is sure to satisfy the tastebuds.

Blueberry shortcake strain artwork

Blueberry Shortcake

A sweet berry flavor, with hints of earthy nuttiness upon exhale.

Garlic Drip

A lemon and earthy flavor that will leave you in a dream-like haze.

North Town Jack Cannabis

North Town Jack

A sweet, gassy flavor that will take you on a blissful journey.